Friday, March 09, 2012

Why Helloooo There

It's been a while now hasn't it? Here I am at the beginning of Spring, just giddy with excitement over the colors that I have hunted down, and the awesome stuff I have come up with (at least I think it's awesome). I have a lot of exciting things coming up to showcase my work and  I have so many adorable things that are just waiting to be seen.
Drum roll....... 
(PLEASE PLEASE forgive the fact that I am in no way, shape, or form a photographer. I have barely enough time to make these pretties, let a lone take them out to a wheat field on some pretty models teensy wrist and have them photographed in the sunset. Android phone photos is all I am capable of.)

On March 24th I will be setting up my lovely loves at an awesome boutique, you should stop by. 
On April 14th is the Art Walk in Downtown McKinney and I will be setting up shop in front of 
My things are ALWAYS available in the store downtown, but I will be customizing and making new things all the live long day on the 14th.
And as always you can shoot me an email if you are interested in anything you see here, or want something custom made: